Violin lessons will focus on 2 major categories: The acuity of both mind and body. Learning to play the violin requires a commitment of time and focused concentration to develop technique and musicality.  Before creative expression can be achieved one must become a technician on the instrument.  Violin lessons with David Chavez will take a systematic approach to developing a strong foundation of technique that will enable the freedom of creative expression.

$35 for 30 minutes

These short lessons are recommended for young beginning students that are new to a structured learning environment. 

$48 for 45 minutes

This duration is for the student that has some experience with a structured learning environment.  As abilities are developed more time is required to cover the recommended material.

$60 for 60 minutes

One hour lessons are the ideal lesson time to cover scales, etudes, and solo repertoire. A longer lesson allows topics to be explored at a deeper level, insuring the student is able to properly execute the material in preparation for the next lesson.