Lessons will enforce a systematic approach to develop posture, intonation, rhythm, and tone. The fundamentals of technique rely on physical awareness and properly developed muscle memory.  The heart beat of technique lies in scale and etude studies.  Musicality and performance are developed through solo repertoire. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in recitals throughout the year.  

Beginning students will start using the Suzuki Method books. Intermediate and advanced students' repertoire will be hand picked based on their individual development needs. Basic theory and reading music will be taught in every lesson.  As an MTAC member all students are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Certificate of Merit program (click for more CM info).


The student resources section of the website is only available to my students.  This section features videos that students can play along with to encourage good intonation and rhythm.  In addition, there is sheet music, and other information that will support what they learn in each lesson.  Lesson assignments may require students to access this section of the website.